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Kilronan Consultants - Digital Marketing Specialists. Website help, social media, email campaigns, online surveys.

Assisting Non-profit Organizations on the Oregon Coast

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We provide advice to staff, the Board, and volunteers. Our services include planning assistance, creating and maintaining websites, producing communication materials, and managing projects where appropriate.



We can assist you with facilitating planning meetings, drafting plans, and coaching staff.

Working with clients to design online surveys

Online Surveys

Online surveys are a fast, low-cost, reliable way to get feedback from customers, clients, association members, event attendees, and citizens. We help design, administer, and interpret surveys. Read more about surveys.

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Drop us a line or call anytime, and we’ll see if we can help you move forward with your ideas or sort out a few challenges.



Our Clients


Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations need many of the same services as businesses. To acquire the funds they need to operate, they have to market themselves to foundations, grantors, and small donors. So they use social media, websites, and blogs just like everyone else. Some nonprofits need promotional materials, help with Board management and volunteers, and management coaching, all of which we can provide for very affordable fees.

Coastal clients have included New Community Coalition (NCC)* and Wavecrest Discoveries (both located in Coos Bay).
*After two years in operation, NCC is being taken over by another organization.


Our Process


Free initial consultations

We like to learn what your challenges are before we jump in with advice or solutions. So we spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the phone with you, at no cost to you.

Specialized expertise

We work with a variety of associates with specialized expertise so we can deliver exactly the skill set you need for the task at hand.

Scaled services

We can deliver as little or as much assistance as you need. We believe in DIY approaches where feasible. If you have the time and skills, we can coach you to create and manage your marketing tasks for yourself. Other times, it might be best just to have us manage the project from start to finish or and maybe even provide daily or monthly maintenance for social media and websites.

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